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From Prototype To Fundraising For An Xray At Home Startup

RX Home

About the customer

RX Home is a new home radiology business that allows patients to receive radiology treatment from the comfort of their own home in Italy. RX Home technicians are equipped with a portable x-ray machine that can be easily transported from one patient’s home to the next. Through this machine the image is digitally sent to a radiologist who would provide their diagnosis to the patient through a 3rd party cloud imaging tool. With covid-19 continuing to challenge healthcare systems globally this offers patients, especially those with mobility issues, an affordable alternative to hospital radiology treatment.

RX Home
Pescara, Italy
Time Of Project
May - July 2020
Services Provided
MVP Prototyping & Testing
UX & UI Design
Digital Product Design
Webflow Website Design
portable x ray machine with marcello da col

The Scenario

RX Home’s idea originated from a radiology technician who as co-founder identified the opportunity to apply a digital patient experience to elevate the latest portable medical technology across Italy. In parallel, their conversations with potential 3rd party healthcare providers highlighted an urgent need for a platform that automates and improves ops efficiency for home care.

The Challenge

Equipped with medical industry expertise and first-hand knowledge of the problem, the RX Home team initially required support on many layers of shaping the idea into a digital venture to address customer needs. With ambitious growth objectives, they also required help building the product in a way that would allow scalability while ensuring partners (ie. technicians, radiologists, hospitals) would spend as little time as possible on the arduous tasks that hampered them from offering the best healthcare service possible during the first months of operations. 

As a result, RX Home decided to work with Equip Digital to evangelize a product-driven organization change and empower digital transformation of healthcare operations while leading the development of an MVP to validate the market along with designing the UX and UI.

digital transformation healthcare rx home

An SEO friendly medical website design that attracts customer feedback and informs minimal viable product development.

radiology website design on webflow

Digital product design process

Like all of our MVP development projects, we first sat down with the founders to understand the problem they were looking to solve, their vision, and initial customer feedback. Convenience, speed, costs, and mobility issues of patients were ultimately identified as key customer feedback themes, while in parallel with the covid-19 pandemic there emerged a urgent need for alternative treatment to motivate patients to stay home and avoid crowded healthcare facilities and hospitals. Equipped with this understanding of the problem and change in market behaviour, we commenced building a landing page UX, UI, and website on Webflow that highlighted the value proposition, features, and process of their startup. We were able to acquire substantial traffic and feedback through pre-launch SEO of the landing page, which was elevated by Webflow’s built in SEO friendliness, and our in-depth keyword analysis motivated by Google Trends research.

We then created a low-code prototype to present to potential 3rd party healthcare partners and gather feedback. This ultimately inspired a first iteration of the platform created on Django and using agile methodology to address the core needs highlighted by these stakeholders and customers. This minimal viable product included an integral integration with a cloud imaging web app, Paxera Health, which enabled technicians to automatically send x-ray images from their machines to a platform for radiologists to provide diagnosis to patients. Additionally we created a daily itinerary for technicians with relevant patient data centralised to the new Django platform.

rx home webflow website
ux ui design company in milan prototype
minimal viable product prototype with metabase

Automation design sprint

We especially emphasised automation while shaping the product strategy for accomplishing RX Home’s growth goals. In speaking with technicians and RX Home management they identified inefficient travel itineraries to patient homes as a major blocker for offering quality service, cost-efficiency, and maximizing appointments for patients; this was especially true in cities with multiple technicians.

With so many questions to be answered for such an important problem, we decided to initiate a remote and condensed design sprint, involving key members of the RX Home team. We ultimately gathered and identified ‘how are we going to allocate appointments to each technician based on their locations?’ as the core question to design an effective solution for. This led to participants sketching and presenting their own solutions on Invision, and finally voting on a solution to automatically assign appointments to technicians based on patient homes closest to the technicians starting location through Google Maps API. After testing the prototype with multiple technicians and patients, and receiving positive feedback, we shaped a solution that was prioritised for the next development sprint.

one day design sprint remote invision

The results

The problem RX Home is solving has become especially pertinent as the covid-19 pandemic continues to impact traditional healthcare. After our minimal viable product motivated sufficient feedback from customers and stakeholders, they were able to present to potential investors a more compelling understanding of the problem and market. To support their mission, they opted for a crowdfunding campaign that was highly successful. They exceeded their 60k initial goal by raising just over 200k. This success has inspired multiple press outlets in Italy to write about RX Home. This led to backlinks, which in line with our landing page SEO has inspired organic traffic and appointments, despite 0 paid marketing and only offering services in two regions.

With this funding, RX Home is now a full-fledged startup with a small tech team focused on product discovery to action the product strategy. It has been extremely fulfilling cultivating an idea, from a founder with first hand problem knowledge, into a digital product that is creating new economic opportunities and healthcare value in a country severely impacted by covid-19.

+ €200k
Crowdfunding capital raised
+ 15
Press releases
> 1
Appointments / day from only organic traffic
+ 49 %
Increase in Q1 revenue
crowdfundme rx home

"Working with Equip Digital has been an experience beyond developing our website. In fact we were forced to think to our processes and map them in detail. While doing so, we also realised we could simplify some of them.

Our website showed impressive results from day one, which helped us significantly with both patients and investors. Overall it was a very intense experience which I consider fundamental for our company development. I would definitely recommend"

Marcello Da Col - Founder, RX Home

Next Steps

We are supporting the development of a data bank for customer feedback and behaviour data, through Mixpanel & Segment, to support the newly established tech team with discovery. In parallel, we are working on a further website revamp on Webflow focused on a UX & UI that better addresses the concerns of our first customer interviews, especially in terms of legitimacy and ‘how it works’, with a focus on growing their customer base.

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