Free digital transformation software for companies impacted by Covid-19 lockdowns.

During this difficult time where businesses are required to work remotely due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we will temporarily shift our focus towards helping businesses that lack the tools to effectively operate remotely by improving their digital operations and enabling continuity.

Therefore, during these months of extended lockdown, we will, to our fullest capacity, offer and implement our modular ERP software for free to as many impacted businesses as possible. 

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Start managing your factory operations online & remotely within weeks - no code required.

Our cloud based modular ERP is a software that helps easily digitize your operations while engaging teams, automating cumbersome tasks, and serving different functions such as sales, production, finance, and e-commerce, among many others, through an integrated library of flexible and cost-effective external web apps.

Software that brings teams closer together during a time of need.


Seamlessly integrating factory operations across multiple functions.

Our modular ERP (enterprise resource planning system) is a tool that helps you connect and manage your factory operations online. Visibility over the production process, assigning tasks, changing deadlines, tracking results, and making data informed decisions, all through smart working, are just some of the benefits.

Why it's never too late to digitally transform your operations.

While many factories focus their efforts on applying domain expertise to producing quality goods, they often struggle adapting to the new technologies available on the market. We believe that those factories that manage the digital transition right, will reach new, unthought horizons, especially in this unfortunate moment where the Covid-19 pandemic has proven how late we are already with the digital transition. 

Optimizing and connecting best-suited integrated software.

Our cloud based tool (the modular ERP) allows factories to utilize best suited external software per department or function with the ability to easily integrate them all, making it a one-stop business solution software. All of the data generated by each tool is then organized into one page dashboards online, which are available for entrepreneurs to manage, analyze, and monitor their business, step by step.
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Why are we offering this for free?

Beyond the horrible health consequences of Covid-19, the wellbeing of people will continue to be impacted globally as a result of businesses not being ready for working digitally - mainly factories but not only. While our potential impact might be small in some situations, we want to give back and try to help to our fullest capacity, by offering for free our software solution that can help businesses to reach new levels once this pandemic settles.

A small factory equipped to persevere through Covid-19 lockdowns.

We originally built this product for Milano Sign to digitally transform their operations in an agile manner, as an alternative to the long-term bets often associated with external ERPs - both in terms of cost and implementation time. This has enabled them to continue operating and serving customers during lockdown, which would not have been possible before: see why below.

After seeing the impacts of this software, we believe it would be valuable for other companies with similar needs. We were originally planning to release in Q2 a beta version, but due to the current pandemic we'll be offering an early version for free to help companies most in need.


Save money and time.

The modular ERP focuses on increasing efficiency, decreasing waste, and especially improving customer satisfaction through a user experience that empowers every operations team to be better informed and organized.

Use From Anywhere

Monitor and manage your operations from your phone or laptop without needing to be in the office with on-site technology.

Track, Adapt & Automate

Track results against expectations and react accordingly, while automatically triggering actions across different functions.

Low Obligation

Our incremental and modular focus limits large up-front commitments in terms of resources, time, and money compared to other full ERP solutions on the market.

Agile Empowering

Quickly react to customer and stakeholder feedback while focusing on implementing value continuously and in less time.

Utilize integrated web apps products for ops functions of your choosing.

Our focus is on integrating and utilizing external software for individual ops functions, processes or teams, as we believe that external web apps offer more focused, specialized, and affordable solutions compared to the broad focus of many ERPs. Our software currently optimizes for an extensive list of ops functions through integrated software, and this list continues to grow.

Internal Communication

Bring your servers online using the Google Suite. Using the Google suite will allow you to also have internal chat, video conferences and documents and calendar sharing for all your employees.

Production Management

Bring your operations and sales processes online by customising lists and boards on Trello.

Sales & Finance

Enable your sales team to convert confirmed orders to both the accounting software and the operations software at the press of a button through our app. This allows your accounting team to be able to issue invoices much, much faster than before.

Data Analysis

Monitor and analyze the data from all your integrated softwares to make data informed decisions. Export for your own Excel analyses or create queries and dashboards that automatically update on Metabase.

Client Portal

Allow your customers to to view online their orders and download relevant documents. Each customer will have its own password protected page.

Website Elevation

New responsive website with a supporting e-commerce experience that integrates directly to your operations and offers a factory to consumer buying experience for your customers.

Our current integrations...

One of our many possible use cases for connecting apps:

Order production card moved to 'Order Completed' board on Trello
Invoice automatically created and emailed to client in Reviso
Finance and production time data updated and structured for querying or extracting on Metabase

Milano Sign's CEO on why our digital ERP solution has kept their operations running despite quarantine:

"Coronavirus has been impacting the entire Italian economy and our company very significantly. In the last two weeks all office staff of Milano Sign has been working from home, while factory workers and technicians were on site following the precautions that the government introduced. A year ago, before starting to work with Equip Digital on the Modular ERP, this would have not been possible. In fact, we were relying on a physical server which required a very complicated VPN network to access from outside; the factory workers were assigned tasks through paper sheets; the sales staff was handing over new orders to the technical office pretty much verbally; there was no tracking online of the status of each part of the production; the invoicing process involved many people.

All of the above has been digitized through the Modular ERP and allowed our company to keep working and stay alive. I could have never imagined I would be smart working if you had asked me a year ago, while now I actually feel like I have the situation under control. The Modular ERP is not going to solve the Covid-19 situation, but it certainly helps us facing it in the best way, especially when we will start going back to work slowly, once quarantine period will be finished."

- Mario Perroni

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