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Our Team & Network

Our team and professional network has experience launching online ventures across the world, building successful digital products, developing global integrated operations networks, and managing millions of dollars of online marketing spend with consistently high ROI. Our network of partners and advisors leverage their diverse expertise and past experiences to solve the unique and challenging digital problems that our customers encounter.

Equip Team

Ian Ruta


Ian’s mission at Equip is to support companies in their quest for digital prosperity and further competing online by designing and delivering impactful digital solutions. In addition to being the founder of Equip, Ian is currently a Product Manager at Cantieri Digitali where he helps validate, design, and elevate new independent digital ventures from the early idea stage. Ian was most recently the EU Logistics Team Lead at Houzz, where he led the development of an integrated logistics network that enabled millions of monthly active users to purchase from 1k vendors in 20 different EU countries through the Houzz platform.

Advisor Network

Mattia Perroni

Advisor & Contributor

International venture expansion has always been Mattia’s thing, as he has focused on leading people and product development, most recently at: Lazada: the biggest e-commerce company in SEA and now part of Alibaba; Jumia: first African tech unicorn; Houzz’ international private label. Mattia is currently the Founder of Cantieri Digitali: “Through my career I have met too many talented people, so I decided to build a company to elevate them and their ideas”.

Marko Oksanen


Marko is currently the co-founder and CEO of Coventures, and has been involved in building digital products and ventures his whole career. As co-founder, product manager or venture designer he has been hands-on building 15+ fast-growing digital ventures in Helsinki & Berlin. Some highlights are using the Rocket Internet blueprint building a marketplace venture from 0 to 10 000+ shipped orders in 1 year. And helping Kasvuryhmä to become the most successful scaleup CEO-community representing over 10 billion in revenue with members creating a 1.3 billion+ impact to Finnish economy.


Founder & CEO

The Cantieri Digitali team acts as a key driving force for development initiatives at Equip. The team is comprised of senior developers, growth experts, and digital venture builders and leaders. Cantieri Digitali aims at fuelling talents, while preserving their skills, and improving their quality of life. The team builds, launches and manages a portfolio of ventures across a variety of sectors and markets them in order to generate economic and social value, by leveraging internal software development and product management skills.

Founder & CEO

Adventure Club is an award winning Design Studio located in Helsinki, Amsterdam, Turku and Berlin. Adventure Club constantly explore new horizons to create bold new digital products and services for our fearless clients such as adidas, Philips, Suunto, Reima, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. Their approach is a mix of human-centered design, business thinking and experimenting.

We are passionate about fulfilling untapped digital potential


The untapped potential dilemma.

In 2020 there are countless businesses that offer valuable goods and services but are missing out on opportunities due to their inability to build an effective digital presence. As a result, we frequently see online focused competitors overtake these companies, while overall company growth plateaus despite continuous investment in siloed legacy software, offline customer experience, or even ineffective past digital initiatives.

Why don't certain businesses invest into building stronger digital presences?

While many companies possess expert knowledge of their customers and field, they internally do not fully possess the skills and experiences for developing impactful digital presences. Almost all of the companies with this dilemma have already identified digitalization as part of their future strategy but struggle actioning the steps required for building the right solution efficiently.

What can Equip do to solve this?

It is our goal to get the ball rolling on your digital growth ambitions by making the development process more accessible and pleasant while translating your business needs into impactful digital solutions. We are a one-stop agency for an expansive range of digital needs with a single project manager that collaborates with you to develop a digital transformation strategy, while saving you the time, stress, and costs of implementing tech or managing a team of digital professionals. It is also our goal to coach and empower your team to independently utilize our new tools in order to update and optimize your digital presence post-elevation process.
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Our e-commerce vision.

We believe design, domain expertise, branding, and sustainability will become more and more valuable for e-commerce success; therefore, our tech solutions are aimed at inspiring businesses to focus more on applying these inherent traits to the overall e-commerce experience and less on the technical intricacies, while at the same time expanding internal digital knowledge.

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